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  - US Dog, Tied to Fire Hydrant With Heartbreaking Note, Gets New Home
  - NATO Is 'Stronger' And Russia 'Weaker' Because Of Vladimir Putin: US
  - 'Killed The Target': US On Drone Strike Against ISIS After Kabul Blasts
  - US State Secretary Antony Blinken To Travel To Germany, France, Italy Next Week
  - US Considered Nuclear Strike On China Over Taiwan In 1958: Report
  - 'We Got Him. He Is Healthy': US Officials Find Missing Tiger.
  - New attack on Iraqi air base fits profile of Iran-backed militia, say US officials
  - China announces new restrictions on US diplomats' activities
  - Syrian forces enter key border town, blocking Turkish plans
  - Speaker stuns 2019 Morehouse grads, to pay off student debt
  - US state Alabama bans nearly all abortions, including cases of rape and incest
  - US offers USD 1M reward in hunt for Osama bin Laden's son
  - US to accuse Iran of violating chemical weapons treaty
  - North Korea threatens to resume nuke development over sanctions
  - US airstrike in Somalia kills about 60 al-Shabab fighters
  - World Bank, IMF heads urge US, China to play by trade rules
  - CAATSA sanctions waiver intended to wean countries off of Russian equipment: US
  - Pakistan urges restraint by new US envoy for Afghan peace
  - When a Chinese destroyer came dangerously close to US ship in South China Sea
  - US ready to resume North Korea talks, seeks denuclearisation by 2021
  - Iran's leaders seek ways to defend economy from US sanctions
  - MarchForOurLives: Youth-led rally to demand gun control in US draws sea of supporters
  - US: Shooting reported at Northwestern University turns out to be 'swatting' hoax
  - China refuses to help US convince Pakistan for dismantling terror safe havens
  - China could convince Pakistan for dismantling terror safe havens: US
  - 'The world will be watching what you do', US warns Iran at United Nations
  - US grotesquely interfering in internal affairs: Iran writes to UN
  - US determined to reduce civilian casualties in Yemen: James Mattis
  - US backtracks on decision to close Palestinian office in Washington
  - US readies new sanctions against North Korea, individuals
  - Palestinians' Washington office may be shuttered unless they enter peace talks with Israel: US
  - US captures key militant involved in 2012 Benghazi attack
  - North Korea on cusp of being able to hit US with a nuclear missile: CIA Director Mike Pompeo
  - War would be 'horrific' but North Korea nukes 'unimaginable', says US
  - US-led airstrike kills 30 civilians in Syria
  - Top US diplomat heads back to Qatar, but impasse grinds on
  - US-backed Syrian fighters advancing toward Raqqa, de-facto capital of 'ISIS caliphate'
  - Donald Trump 'very proud' as US drops 'mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan
  - US, Russia on 'the verge of a military clash', says Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev
  - Will take own action if UN fails in its duty in Syria, says US
  - US warns North Korea after missile launch, says 'all options on table'
  - One killed, 14 injured in US nightclub shooting
  - ISIS recruiting in Pakistan, Afghanistan: US
  - US has many options for investigating Russian ties
  - US revokes visa ban post judge's order, Trump administration appeals ruling
  - US supports ‘demonetisation’ in India, calls it 'necessary' step to address 'corruption'
  - Sikh techie brutally assaulted, hair cut with knife in alleged hate crime in US
  - US lawmakers introduce bill to declare Pakistan as terrorist state
  - US House allows 9-11 victims to sue Saudi; bill forwarded to Barack Obama
  - 9-11 flag returns to ground zero after disappearing for 15 years

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