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  - INDIA: Thousands displaced as ethnic clashes grip north-eastern state
  - Ukraine War: Russian Fighter Jet Accidentally Bombs Own City
  - Children Found Alive As Turkey, Syria Earthquake Count Crosses 22,000
  - Shot Down 61 Of 71 Missiles Russia Fired In Latest Attacks: Ukraine
  - Hurricane Ian Devastates Florida, Death Count Crosses 40
  - Indonesia Football Match Stampede Kills 125, Among Worst Sports Tragedies
  - Pakistan Floods 'Worst In Country's History': PM Shehbaz Sharif
  - Indonesia Records First Case Of Monkeypox Virus
  - Scotland Detects Its First Monkeypox Case
  - NATO Is 'Stronger' And Russia 'Weaker' Because Of Vladimir Putin: US
  - Britain Readies More Missiles For Ukraine To Resist Russians
  - Horror pic shows blood-drenched tot blitzed by Putin's bombs as drunk Russians shoot dead girl, 10, in front of uncle
  - Horror pics show civilians running for lives as Russian artillery blows up family while ceasefire broken AGAIN by Putin
  - Heartbreaking scenes at Ukraine border sees thousands of kids separated from dads
  - Putin puts nuclear deterrent forces on ALERT as 'raging' president 'prepared to lose 50k troops' in battle for Ukraine
  - Horror moment 'Russian' missile hits Kyiv apartment block as 195 killed including 3 children in Ukraine invasion
  - Russia Lost About 2,800 Soldiers, 80 Tanks In Attacks: Ukraine Minister
  - Russia, Ukraine Forces Battle For Airbase On Kyiv Outskirts
  - Vladimir Putin To Oversee Russia 'Strategic' Missile Drills Next Week
  - Israel Reports 1st 'Florona' Case, Covid And Influenza Double Infection

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