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  - Hundreds of Birds Found Dead on a Road in Wales, And No One Knows What Killed Them
  - Dogs are filmed being tied up, stuffed in sacks and piled up in trucks on their way to be slaughtered in Indonesia as governor vows to end the cruel trade
  - World's 'largest animal sacrifice' takes place at Gadhimai Hindu festival as thousands of buffalo slaughtered in Nepal
  - Hundreds of koalas may have died in wildfires on Australia's east coast
  - More dead wild elephants found at Thai waterfall, toll now at 11
  - ABANDONED - Tear-jerking moment heartbroken Labrador chases after car of 'cruel owner woman who abandoned him on the side of a US road and drove away'
  - BIG CAT RIDDLE - Panthers in Florida suffer mystery crippling illness leaving the beasts falling out of trees and barely able to walk
  - HIDDEN TORTURE - Harrowing pics expose abused elephant's emaciated body that's normally hidden by a colourful festival costume
  - THE REAL LION KINGS - Incredible close-up pics show majesty of big cats on World Lion Day
  - Heartbreaking pictures show deer with dozens of tumours covering its face and body
  - BEASTS' BURDEN - Heartbreaking images show the suffering of wild animals at popular tourist attractions as tigers are chained up and forced to perform
  - Komodo Dragon Eats a Whole Monkey Within Seconds! Terrifying Footage From Indonesia Goes Viral
  - INDIA: Enraged villagers beat tigress to death in Uttar Pradesh's Pilibhit
  - INDIA: Meet The Selfless Men Working 24x7 To Save Wild Animals From Assam Floods
  - MAN'S BEST FRIEND - Devoted dog 'refuses to move from spot where owner was killed in car crash 18 months ago after locals try and take him in'
  - INDIA: We Built Roads Inside Jungles, So Now Tigers Face New Threats - Crossing Busy Highways
  - INDIA: Who Is The Animal? Three Men In Agra Kidnap Neighbour's Pet Dog, Take Turns To Rape It
  - INDIA: Someone Has Poisoned A Tigress & Two Cubs In Maharashtra. It Puts Humanity To Shame!
  - I'M LION AROUND - Incredible snap shows snoozing lion dangling precariously between branches of a tree in Uganda
  - Mother Bird Feeds Her Chick a Discarded Cigarette Butt on Florida Beach, Disheartening Pic Highlights Issues of Littering

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