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  - US Dog, Tied to Fire Hydrant With Heartbreaking Note, Gets New Home
  - Countries Must Spend More To Protect Nature, Save Species: UN
  - Loyal Elephant Bids Farewell to Mahout after the Loving Master Succumbs to Cancer in Kerala
  - Rare Persian Leopard Pair Spotted In Pakistan
  - 'We Got Him. He Is Healthy': US Officials Find Missing Tiger.
  - 73-Million-Year-Old "Talkative" Dinosaur Species Found In Mexico
  - Adorable young chimp and baby bear share heartwarming cuddle
  - Rare white gentoo penguin feeds its chick in touching display
  - Surveillance video shows moment stray dog walks into animal clinic in Brazil where physicians discovered a cancerous tumor
  - Australia Begin Disposing Hundreds Of Dead Whales After Rescuing 108
  - China's annual dog-meat fair opens; activists hope for last time
  - INDIA: Pregnant Elephant Ate Pineapple Stuffed With Crackers In Kerala. She Died Standing In River
  - Alligator who survived WW2 Berlin bombing dies in Moscow zoo
  - England: Fury as cruel driver 'intentionally' mows down flock of ducklings and mother duck
  - German zoo draws up coronavirus slaughter list
  - Struggling zoo 'plans to kill and feed animals to each other' amid coronavirus
  - NGOs feed stray dogs and birds dying of starvation in city
  - COVID-19: Jaipur Police Wins Hearts By Feeding Stray Animals
  - How animal lovers are feeding stray animals amidst lockdown
  - Monkeys Fight for a Banana as Tourism Drops in Thailand amid COVID-19, Animals Left Hungry

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