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  - With Machine Guns In Hand, Taliban Fighters Enjoy A Day Off At Amusement Park In Kabul
  - US to fly 'massive' number of Haitians to Haiti
  - ASEAN Envoy In Talks With Myanmar Junta Over Visit, Access To Aung San Suu Kyi
  - 8 Killed As Hurricane Grace Unleashes Severe Flooding In Mexico
  - 70 Dead, Dozens Still Missing After Turkey Floods; Rescue Ops Continue
  - President Ashraf Ghani Flees Afghanistan, Taliban Take Over Kabul: Report
  - Army Urges Civilians To Evacuate Besieged City After UN Says 40 Have Died
  - 25 Killed In Central China Flood; Situation 'Extremely Severe'
  - Biden, Merkel stress friendship while agreeing to disagree on pipeline
  - Extremist attack in Somalia's capital kills at least 9
  - Taliban fighters capture key Afghan border crossing with Iran
  - Bangladesh factory fire leaves 52 dead, dozens injured
  - Fiery explosion erupts on ship at major global port in Dubai
  - Iran Says Nuclear Talks To Be Adjourned For Consultations In Capitals
  - US State Secretary Antony Blinken To Travel To Germany, France, Italy Next Week
  - Spain To Lift Outdoor Mask Requirement From June 26, Says PM
  - Thousands Protest In Brazil Against President Bolsonaro's Covid Response
  - Mass Evacuation In DR Congo After Volcano Eruption Scare
  - US Considered Nuclear Strike On China Over Taiwan In 1958: Report
  - Greece Villages Evacuated As Forest Fires Rage, 62 Fire Engines, 17 Planes Deployed

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