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  - Azerbaijani-Armenian fight: Death toll rises as Nagorno-Karabakh conflict widens
  - Google To Block US Election Ads After November 3
  - Death Count Climbs To 23 In Ukraine Military Plane Crash
  - France Seeks EU Sanctions On Turkey Over Energy Tensions
  - Rescuers reach people cut off by Gulf Coast hurricane
  - New Orleans under hurricane watch from Tropical Storm Sally
  - 'Another historic breakthrough': Trump after Bahrain becomes latest Arab nation to normalize ties with Israel
  - China announces new restrictions on US diplomats' activities
  - 10 killed, over a dozen injured in explosion targetting first vice president's convoy in Kabul
  - Typhoon lashes South Korea after battering Japanese islands
  - Portland protests reach 100 consecutive days
  - Hurricane Laura thrashes Louisiana, but damage is less than predicted
  - At least 10 killed in bomb attacks in southern Philippines
  - 16 killed in Somalia hotel attack
  - California wildfires burn amid high risk of brutal blazes
  - New Zealand Reaches 100-Day Milestone Without Coronavirus Transmission
  - UAE Launches Mars Mission From Japan, First Such By An Arab Nation
  - China becomes first economy to grow since virus pandemic
  - Japan confirms plans to cancel deployment of US missile defence system
  - Syria reports Israeli raids on central, south military posts

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